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Adoption process is overwhelming and exciting at the same time. We want all of our customers to experience the impressive level of professionalism when working with Astrosphynx. One of our goals is to make the adoption easier and stress free. Another goal is to make sure that our cats are adopted by people who are ready to embark on the journey of owning the sphynx cat as your life will never be the same. Sphynx cats are not just animals they become family members and require the same amount of care and attention.

When you are ready to adopt the kitten/cat:

1. Contact us and let know which kitten you want.

2. Visit our home to meet the kitten face-to- face.

3. Make $500.00 non- refundable deposit to reserve your kitten.

4. Answer adoption questionnaire. We want to ensue the beneficial placement.

5. Choose the day to pick up your kitten.

6. Pay the rest of the adoption fee.

7. Take your kitten home!

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